O alta opinie medicala (Second opinion)

Trimiteti-ne cazul dvs medical si primiti o alta opinie medicala din partea unul Prof. Dr. in 24 de ore


In conditiile actuale, pentru a veni in sprijinul dumneavoastra, Anadolu Medical Center organizeaza consultatii online/ teleconferinte cu medicii nostri specialisti.
Poti pune toate intrebarile si poti discuta toate aspectele medicale ale cazului tau. In baza consultului, medicii iti vor putea oferi opinia si sugestiile, pe baza documentelor medicale existente. Exact ca si in cadrul unui consult fizic la spital, medicul va fi insotit de un translator de limba romana.


Informare COVID19 Anadolu Medical Center

We would like to inform you that Anadolu Medical Center is open and running as usual. We welcome patients who are eligible to travel as per current Turkish/Your Home country Border authorities regulations for active updates on this issue), as long as they comply with our hospital's safety policy which can be found below. If you have the following symptoms; fever above 38 degrees, cough, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, please do not make any travel arrangements.

If our current/existing patients cannot travel for regular or follow-up appointments, then we can offer video consultations with our physicians, as per their schedule's availability. For further information regarding this process, please let us know of your interest and we can provide you with further details. Please be informed that these video-consultations do not replace a traditional in-person appointment, as the physician will not be able to perform a clinical inspection nor a physical exam. Furthermore, the assessment would be made based on medical records in English, blood work and histopathological evaluations performed at external institutions. In addition, your radiologic and nuclear medicine images might require further consultation by our respective departments."

Anadolu Medical Center Policy on safety:

As Anadolu Medical Center, we are aware of the worldwide COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. In order to protect you (our patients) and our staff as well as in playing our part in preventing the spread of this virus, we strongly recommend the following to our patients and their companions:
• Please come to our hospital wearing a mask and only bring one companion
• If you do not have a mask, then please inform us of your imminent arrival before entering the hospital, and we will meet you outside our building to provide you with masks
• Please secure the mask tightly on your face and do not touch the mask afterwards. If you do touch your mask, then please ensure you wash your hands with water and soap. When you do take off your mask, please do so carefully, distancing it slowly and carefully from your face, throw it in the garbage and wash your hands with water and soap immediately.
• You and your companion will be triaged briefly at the hospital entrance. Temperatures will be taken and existence of any fever, cough, shortness of breath, and travel history (last 14 days) will be questioned. Unfortunately, we cannot accept patients/companions who show possible signs of infection with COVID 19 virus. You will be instructed as what to do next.

Clinica Anadolu Medical Center

Centrul Medical Anadolu a fost înfiinţat pentru a oferi servicii medicale la standarde internaţionale, acesta abordandu-şi pacientii după criteriile medicinei moderne, incluzand în gama sa de servicii, servicii sanitare moderne şi diversificate.

Cooperarea cu institutul Johns Hopkins Medicine a contribuit la îmbunataţirea serviciilor pe lângă importanţa pe care o acorda Centrul Medical Anadolu cercetarii nu face decât sa susţină viziunea prin care Centrul Medical Anadolu doreşte sa devină un punct de referinţă în medicina modernă.

Cativa dintre profesorii de renume de la Anadolu Medical Center

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